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Posted on February 07, 2017 by Carrie Freese | 2 comments

Our Liz & Linda's Spreads are one of my favorite product categories that we offer!  We wanted to make a product that was savory and perfect to spread on everything from sandwiches to cheeses and veggies.  

Liz & Linda Spreads

During the fall and holiday season, our focus is mainly on our Pepper Jellies but since the holidays have come and gone, I wanted to bring the focus onto the other products in the Liz & Linda's brand, our Spreads!  We currently offer two varieties: Roasted Garlic & Onion and Tomato Basil.  Each is wonderful in their own way and they both are bursting with flavor.

My favorite and easiest way to use either of the spreads is just to slather it on a sandwich instead of your usual sandwich spread.  Pairing a ham sandwich with our Roasted Garlic & Onion Spread just gives it a little extra flavor.

Here is just a quick list for ideas on how to use the spreads

Enjoy these products and let me know how you like to use them!

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2 Responses

Daphne Sapp
Daphne Sapp

February 15, 2021

I use to order your pepper jellies several years ago when I ran the gift shop in The Florida Hospital Deland, Florida. They were a big success.
I am now with the Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach, Fklorida and am thinking about a promotion to see they will sell as well here.
I need to know what your minimum order is so I might try it in our gift shop.

Sarah Cofer
Sarah Cofer

November 07, 2019

We are interested in carrying the jellies in our bakery. Please let us know how to get a catalog to order, minimum order and if you are open daily at market.
Stay Sweet

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