Deviled Eggs – with Pappy's Gourmet Zucchini Relish

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With Easter coming up, you are probably busy scanning Pinterest looking for cute décor and fun recipe ideas for the holiday.  One tried and true recipe that we are never without at our Easter table is Deviled Eggs.  The secret ingredient in our Deviled Eggs is our Pappy’s Gourmet Zucchini Relish, of course!    

So go ahead, use up those hard boiled eggs that you have taking up space in your refrigerator and whip up a batch of Deviled Eggs for your family dinner.  The eggs are creamy with a touch of sweetness from the relish, the perfect combination.  Add a dash of paprika and they look beautiful on a nice Easter platter!

Deviled Eggs - Pappy's Gourmet Zucchini Relish


12 hardboiled eggs - peeled
1/3 Cup Mayo
3 tsp dijon mustard
1 Tbsp Pappy's Gourmet Zucchini Relish (liquid drained)
Salt & Pepper to taste
Paprika for garnish


Slice hardboiled eggs in half and remove yolk into small mixing 
bowl.  Add mayo, mustard, relish and salt & pepper.  Mix 
ingredients together while mashing the yolks.  

Spoon the yolk mixture into the empty eggs.  Sprinkle with Paprika 
for garnish.  

Serve chilled.

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