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Air Fryer Mini Egg Rolls

Air Fryer Mini Egg RollsAir Fryer Mini Egg Rolls
30 – small wonton wrappers (for mini egg rolls) or 10 egg roll wrappers
1 TBSP Flour
1 ½ TBSP Water
Cooking spray
½ Cup Pappy’s Gourmet or Liz & Linda’s Pepper Jelly – your choice of flavor for dipping
Ingredients for Filling:
1 lb Ground Turkey (or you can use pork)
3 tsp Diced Garlic
4 Cups packaged Tri-Color Coleslaw
2 green onions sliced
2 TBSP Low Sodium Soy Sauce
2 TBSP Pappy’s Gourmet or Liz & Linda’s Pepper Jelly – your choice of flavor for filling

Cook Ground Turkey in skillet, season with salt and pepper and brown until cooked through. Drain any fat.
Stir in diced garlic and cook until fragrant, approximately 1 minute.
Add Coleslaw mix and cook until the cabbage is nice and tender, approximately 7-9 minutes.
Add green onions, soy sauce and Pepper Jelly until thoroughly mixed and remove from heat. We used Pappy's Gourmet Raspberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.
In small bowl, add the flour and water and stir to make a paste – this will be to help seal the egg rolls.
Lay out the wontons or egg roll wrappers and one at a time, add filling and begin to wrap, folding in the corners and then rolling up.
Add a small amount of the flour past at the edges to help seal the egg roll.
Once you have your rolls ready, spray both sides lightly with cooking spray.
Add egg rolls in batches to air fryer.
If you are making mini egg rolls, cook at 375 degrees for 4 minutes each bath, or until the egg rolls are crispy.
If you are making larger egg rolls, increase cooking temp to 390 degrees and cook for 8-9 minutes or until the egg rolls are crispy.
Once egg rolls are cooked, put the Pepper Jelly of your choice into microwavable bowl. Heat in the microwave for 20-30 seconds or until the jelly has melted enough for dipping.
Serve the melted jelly with the egg rolls for dipping. ENJOY!