• Specialty Relishes

 Our kitchen is located in Washington, MO, a small town surrounded by farmlands.  We are fortunate to have fresh produce being grown around us during the summer months and try to use as much of this as possible in our jars!  All of our products are hand-crafted and made in small batches right here in our kitchen.

**Stay tuned, in June 2016, we will be opening a retail store in our building.  Customers will be able to come in to sample and buy and at the same time, see how we make all of our products!**

 Enjoy the most flavorful gourmet pepper jellies, relishes, salsas and spreads.

 Choose from flavors such as our spicy Blackberry Habanero Jelly or our award-winning and best selling Golden Pecan PepperJelly.

Perfect for entertaining or snacking!

In The Kitchen

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