Zucchini Relish

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Our company started because of my Mother's Zucchini Relish and it has always been our flagship product.  A lot of people are hesitant to try something that is made with zucchini (I love zucchini, but I know some people just don't!).  But after a bit of convincing, we can usually get people to try it - and 9 times out of 10, they absolutely LOVE it.  The flavors are sweet and tangy and extremely refreshing, especially on a hot day.  But once they taste it, they then want to know what to do with it (other than eat it straight out of the jar!).

First, our Zucchini Relish comes in either mild or hot - so there is an option if you or someone you know likes to add a bit of a kick to their meals.  I tell people that you can use the Zucchini Relish the same way as you would your typical pickle relish that you would find at your local grocery store but our Zucchini Relish is a bit more special than your typical relish.  We make it using fresh zucchini, carrots, onions and peppers and liven it up with spices and vinegar.  It is made in small batches and hand crafted, made just like Grandma would have made in her kitchen.

Zucchini Relish Ingredients

The relish is great on brats, hotdogs and hamburgers - if our family is grilling up brats, you can be sure that we will have zucchini relish on the table with it - a brat is just not the same if you don't have the relish.

Hot Dog with Zucchini Relish
Another family favorite is using the Zucchini Relish in our Deviled Eggs - I love, love, love deviled eggs but really only eat them once a year around Easter.  The Zucchini Relish in the Deviled Eggs is a great addition because it compliments the creaminess of the yolks by adding just a bit of extra sweetness and crunch that is desperately needed to make a really great Deviled Egg.  
I am not southern, so I cannot claim to be an expert on how to make and serve Black Eyed Peas, however, I do have it on good authority from our customers in the south who know a thing or two about Black Eyed Peas and that the Zucchini Relish is a great addition to jazz up those Peas!  When the New Year rolls around, I may just have to serve some up to see if they are really as good as everyone claims that they are!
Black Eyed Peas with Zucchini Relish
We are officially in the dead of summer here in Missouri, where this week temps will be in the upper 90's (this is my absolute favorite time of year!).  I obviously am a big fan of cooking but this time of year I do not like to heat up my kitchen if I don't have to - I prefer grilling out on the deck and eating as many cool meals as possible.  When we grill a lot of chicken and have leftovers, one of my kids' favorite meals to make is Chicken Salad.  It is quick, it's easy and best of all it is cool.  Pair it with fresh veggies and a bowl of fruit, it is a great, light meal when you don't want something heavy weighing you down in the heat.
Lately I prefer eating my chicken salad as a wrap, but most of my family eats it as a sandwich on a nice bun.  Serving it with fresh lettuce and a ripe tomato straight from the garden is an absolute must.  
Chicken Salad with Zucchini Relish
If you aren't a fan of chicken salad, you can definitely replace the chicken with tuna or ham!
These are just a few of the ways that we enjoy our Zucchini Relish - use the Hot Zucchini Relish if you prefer to spice things up a bit.  When fall rolls around, we will be adding our Zucchini Relish to our chili - just one way to sweeten it up a bit and add a little bit of texture.
Tell me - how do you enjoy your Zucchini Relish?

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How The Company Began and Grew

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Back in 2009, I was looking for a change.  I enjoyed my job as a Product Manager with an IT Supply Distributor but I just needed something different.  I had a 1 ½ year old son and between the hour drive to and from the office, I was only getting to see him about an hour a day by the time he was ready for bed.  It was not the way that I had envisioned raising my children.

My husband was very supportive with my decision to leave my job and set out on my own.  He knew that my hours were putting a lot of stress on me and ultimately on our family.  So I took a leap of faith and quit my job, leaving behind a steady paycheck and set off to find out what I really wanted to do with my career.

My father, who had recently retired, was also looking for a new opportunity.  He wasn’t quite ready to leave the workforce completely and wanted the challenge of growing a business from the ground up.  Between his accounting and financial expertise and my marketing experience we were ready to get started…but get started doing what? 

One day I was watching TV, one of those rags to riches shows about how a simple food product that this couple’s family used to make, was the start to their family business.  It was in that moment that it “clicked” for me…my mother’s zucchini relish!  There was nothing quite like it on the market and everyone that tried it absolutely raved about how wonderful it was.  I called my Dad and asked what he thought and he said let’s go for it. 

zucchini relish

We were new to the food industry so before we began actually making anything, we did a lot of research, I mean a lot, a lot of research.  The rules and regulations were overwhelming especially since we did not have a food background.  Because of this, we made the decision to use what we in the food industry call a “co-packer”.  We were able to find a small co-packer about a few hours away from us that didn’t require a minimum order of thousands of jars.  We gave her our recipes for the zucchini relish and a few pepper jellies and we were off and running. 

Our priority with our products was using fresh ingredients, free from any sort of artificial preservatives, flavorings or colorings.  That was very important to us right from the beginning, if it wasn’t something I would feed my family then I wasn’t going to make it and try to sell it.  The store’s shelves are already stocked full of food that is loaded with these things, I wanted to try and make some sort of a difference in the food industry and offer only foods made with great ingredients.  Sure, we use sugar, I will never say that we produce a “health food” but we use real ingredients, nothing fake!  Because we use fresh ingredients, we may not be making our food the fastest way possible but we are making it the best way possible and I am extremely proud of that. 

Applying labels by hand

Before we knew it we received our first order of Zucchini Relish, Sweet Green Pepper Jelly and Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly from our co-packer.  We applied the labels by hand and got to selling.  The support that we received from local stores was really encouraging and were in absolute disbelief when the first couple of stores placed orders immediately.  We were in business!!

We used our co-packer for about a year and then decided that due to a few quality issues we began working on opening our own facility in Washington, MO.  We found a building right on the riverfront in downtown and began piecing together what we needed for our kitchen. 

Pappy's Gourmet building

Opening our own kitchen was a big and scary step, but this gave us control over our own products and allowed us to quickly create new products and grow our brand.  Once our kitchen was open, in 2011, I did find time to have my second son!  He was able to hang out with me at work for the first three months or so before my Mom started watching him.  I was so lucky to be able to bring him with me to work, while he napped, I worked and we still were able to get our bonding time in!  It is a special thing that my kids can come with me to the office and see what I do all day and what I am working so hard to grow for them. 


In April of 2014 we purchased another small specialty food company, Liz & Linda’s from Harrison, AR.  The products fit so well into our product lineup, it was such an easy addition to our company and we are so proud to continue the tradition of making these products.  A few weeks after we purchased the company, my husband and I welcomed our sweet little girl into the world!  Between the three kids, myself and my husband we stay a busy family but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Family Pic

We are currently working to establish a retail shop in our space that will be open at the end of May 2016.  This will give us an opportunity to sell directly to the community from our kitchen and sell the products of our co-packing customers by giving them another retail presence.    

If you find yourself in Washington, MO, be sure to stop by and see us, we will have lots of yummy foods for you to try!

UPDATE 8.9.16: Our shop is open!!  We have been open for a couple of months and have been getting a really great response from the community.  We offer samples of our products daily and also offer some home and kitchen decor items with plans to expand our offerings to kitchen gadgets and other fun items!  Stop in and see us!

Pappy's Gourmet Shop & Cannery


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