Jam and Cheese Pairings

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Who doesn't love a good cheese platter?  Add to that, savory jams, salty crackers and crusty bread and you have the makings for an entire meal!  Or serve this up on a cheese board at your next gathering with family and friends and you will have a sophisticated platter that will impress all of your guests.

Jam and cheese pairings

This is by no means an all-inclusive or the only pairings with these flavors, these are just some pairings that we really enjoy with our jellies.

Apple Slices with Sharp Cheddar and Apple Jalapeno Walnut

Here is a great combination - our Liz & Linda's Apple Walnut Jalapeno Jelly  paired with sharp cheddar and served on apple slices.  This makes such a pretty presentation and is great for guests to grab and nibble on.

Roasted Garlic & Onion Spread

 Our Liz & Linda's Roasted Garlic and Onion Spread is one of my favorite products that we make.  I use it on sandwiches and have used it to make a fabulous Baked Garlic & Onion dip.  Here I paired it with a blue cheese and served on crusty bread.  

Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly with Brie

Our Liz & Linda's Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly is our best selling jelly and has been for years.  It is a made with sweet yellow bell peppers and buttery pecans and the unique flavor is what makes this jelly so special.  I have paired the Gold with a creamy brie and pita cracker - delicious!  You can also bake the brie and pour the jelly over top to serve.

Color Me Cranberry with Camembert Cheese

Camembert is very similar to brie, with its creamy goodness but it has a stronger flavor than brie and pairs so well with our Color Me Cranberry Pepper Jelly - the tart flavor of the cranberries mixed with the creamy cheese is wonderful.  This would be the perfect dish to add to your holiday table.

Pappy's Gourmet Sweet Red Pepper Jelly with Goat Cheese

You either love goat cheese or you hate it, it is one of those cheeses that has a very distinct flavor.  I really enjoy goat cheese, especially when topping it with either our Pappy's Gourmet Sweet Red or Sweet Green Pepper Jelly.

I hope that you will try some of these pairings or try different pairings with our pepper jellies.  This is such a great way to highlight different cheeses and your guests will thank you for it!

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